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Maintenance & Service

Residential & Commercial

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your heating and cooling systems. If preventative maintenance is not done regularly it can result in costly repairs or need for full replacement of your system. Residential maintenance is recommended biannually and commercial is recommended at least every three months to make sure that your equipment is functioning to its full capacity. 


Residential maintenance is recommended at least twice a year to keep your system running well and efficiently.


 Commercial maintenance is recommended at least every three months to ensure that your system is working to the best of its capacity to keep your business running comfortably.

What is performed during a maintenance call? 

Air conditioning maintenance includes:

  • Checking pressures, connections, and refrigerant levels
  • Clean condenser, coil, and lines
  • Check amperage 
  • Inspect and lubricate all parts 
  • Replace filters if needed 
  • Check capacitor and contactor 
  • Check thermostat for proper operation




Heating maintenance includes:

  • Check motor amperage, safety, and operating controls
  • Check blower motor capacitor
  • Inspect inducer motor
  • Inspect heat exchanger 
  • Check wiring and connections 
  • Clean and adjust flame sensor 
  • Replace filter
  • Inspect, clean, and lubricate as required
  • Check thermostat for proper operation

            Scheduled maintenance benefits:

  • Reduces risk of breakdowns which can cost thousands of dollars
  • Helps reduce cost of energy bills
  • Ensures that the system works properly and efficiently 

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Reduce the risk of emergencies and sign up for one of our maintenance programs. Max Air offers both residential and commercial maintenance programs for both heating & cooling systems. 

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