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Licensed Air Conditioning Installation Contractor in New Jersey

Best Air Conditioning Service in New Jersey 

Air conditioners are vital to keeping the air quality in our living and work place safe. They help to filter out mold spores, allergens, pollutants, and irritants from the air we breathe. Choosing the right system for your needs is very important to keeping energy costs down and system working efficiently. We care about your safety and comfort. Having years of industry experience has helped us put superior quality customer service, over and above everything. We promise unparalleled attention to each of our clients.
From repair, replacement to installation of air condition systems in New Jersey, Call one of our highly trained experts today at 973-692-5188 to learn more on how we can help you with your cooling needs.



Install and Replacement

New Construction



Install And Replacement

Here at Max Air Heating & Cooling helping our customers choose the most efficient and environmentally safe equipment our priority. We are experts in helping you choose the best air contiditioning system for your home or business that will give you the comfort you need while saving you money. Regardless of the challenge a project poses, we provide professional AC installation services to homes and offices in New Jersey.

Minisplit System

This type of ductless system allows you to customize the temperature in each individual room. This type of system can be installed in any setting residential or commercial. 

  • Simple to install
  • ductless system 
  • energy efficient 
  • air quality improvement
  • customize individual room temperature

New Construction

Choosing a cooling system can be a daunting task for a brand new construction. There is so much involved, and many different equipment brands to choose from. Max air has years of experience in new construction air conditioning installation services in New Jersey. Call us today to discuss your project. We are highly educated in the variety of systems available and can effectively guide you to choose the best system for your new home or business.

Thermostat Installation

We are experts at installing smart thermostats. Smart thermostats are a great addition to your heating & cooling system. They are great at adjusting your home or business temperature when occupied or not. Smart thermostats can also be accessed remotely for your convenience. This adds to efficiency and reduction in utility costs. We highly recommend them. There are many thermostats to choose from out on the market. Call us today and we can help you choose the right thermostat for your needs.

Does your air conditioner need to be replaced?

Signs that indicate it is time for a new cooling system:

  • Mold overgrowth in your system
  • Air leaks 
  • High Utility Bills

Benefits of replacing your system:

  • Clean Safe Air 
  • High Efficiency System
  • Newer Technology

Ignoring or delaying your AC replacement could badly affect the indoor air and consequently the health of you and your family members while increasing utility bills.

If you’re facing any such issues, our air conditioning contractor is just a call away to assist with time cost-effective installation services in NJ.







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